Drone America believes that owning one of our UAS aircraft is only part of the package. In order to assure that the airframe will be on the job working for the customer as long as possible qualified pilots need to be trained. Our certified flight staff has been training pilots with several decades of combined experience.

We work closely with the FAA and our home state of Nevada to ensure that the pilots we train are up to date on all the rules and regulations that our clients need to know in order to fly. We are experts on FAA Section 333 exceptions, COA’s, airframe registrations and the new FAA Rule 107.

Contact us today and let Drone america help you unleash the true potential of our UAS aircraft.

Training Schedule

Training Services are handled by our experienced and trained UAS pilots. Below is a general breakdown of a typical training service. However, each client is different and may require more or less steps then listed below.