Impressive Performance

The Savant sUAS is a small electric powered fixed-wing aircraft. With an interchangeable payload system, different sensor packages are quickly accommodated.  Flight duration is up to 2 hours (depending on configuration) allowing long distance and large area surveys.

The Savant takes flight quickly via a mobile launcher and lands on Kevlar belly pads, in a net, or by parachute.  Flight planning and piloting is done by setting way-points and flight parameters using a Panasonic ToughBook Tablet or laptop. Sensor packages optimized for crop health, water status, irrigation coverage, livestock health, or waste water run-off detection are available as standards.

Exceptional Endurance

Up to 2 hours of flight time*


Parachute provides extra recovery redundancy and safety fallback.


Savant sUAS ejecting flares



With exceptional endurance time and tons of payload and sensor configurations, the Savant is capable of flying long missions, collect swaths of data and fly in many conditions.

Precision Agriculture

Crop Health

Plant Counting

Custom Solutions

Farmland aerial


The Savant’s tough carbon design, long endurance, net and belly recovery and mobile launcher allow for nearly unlimited maritime applications and missions.

Disaster Relief


Search and Rescue




By utilizing a lightweight airframe, long flight times and configurable for multiple payloads and sensors, the Savant is a great asset for many industries and applications.

3D Mapping

Border Patrol

Environmental Analysis

Infrastructure Inspections

power lines at dusk


Wing-Span: 11 ft 10 in (3.58 m)
Length: 5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Empty Weight: 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)
Max Weight with Payload: 18 lbs (8.2 kg)
Endurance*: up to 2 hours
Max Speed: 85 mph
Max Altitude**: 12,000 ft (3,650 m) MSL
Control Method: Laptop/Tablet
Take-off and Landing: Launcher take-off; Belly Landing, Net, Parachute

*Flight time varies due to payload configurations, flight conditions, temperature and altitude.**Max Altitude is determined by flying conditions, payloads and local flight laws.

Savant sUAS parts location
Savant sUAS parts location-2

Launcher Specifications

Savant Launcher

The Savant Launcher is a mobile system which folds and stows into a case for transportation and storage. Robust design implies a consistent, reliable means to launch the the Savant and its payload.  Safety for operators and systems is ensured with safety pins, remote trigger, and safety procedures.

Savant sUAS Launcher