Impressive Performance

Drone America’s SAVANT

First in UAS Cloud-seeding / 2016    –    First in Long Distance BLOS Package Delivery / 2017

The Savant sUAS is a medium sized, all electric powered, fixed-wing aircraft. With an optional VTOL kit and an interchangeable payload system, different sensor packages and mission types are quickly accommodated.  The Drone America Savant can fly for more than 2 hours, depending on configuration, allowing long distance flights and large area surveys.

The Savant has a minimal prep to launch time, a large payload bay, can fly farther, stay on station longer and deliver the results your mission requires.  The Savant was designed and manufactured in our facility in Reno, Nevada. Every aspect of the Savant was created with safety in mind, from its industry leading carbon fiber construction and mission-tested military-grade autopilot to its active safety systems incorporating an on-board ADS-B and ballistic parachute the Savant is designed to successfully return with your collected data after each mission, every time.

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Savant sUAS ejecting flares



With exceptional endurance time and a wide array of payload and sensor configurations, the Savant is capable of completing long missions, collecting large mounts of data and flying in many conditions.

Precision Agriculture

Crop Health

Plant Counting

Custom Solutions

Farmland aerial


The Savant’s tough carbon design, long endurance, launch and recovery options allow for nearly unlimited maritime applications and missions.

Disaster Relief


Search and Rescue




With its lightweight airframe, beyond line of sight capability and ability to carry multiple payloads and sensors, the Savant is a valuable asset for many industries and applications.

3D Mapping

Border Patrol

Environmental Analysis

Infrastructure Inspections

power lines at dusk


Wing-Span: 11 ft 10 in (3.58 m)
Length: 5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Empty Weight: 22 lbs. (9.9 kg)
Max Weight with Payload: 37 lbs (16.7 kg)
Endurance*: up to 2 hours
Max Speed: 85 mph
Max Altitude**: 18,000 ft (5,486 m) MSL
Control Method: Laptop/Tablet
Take-off and Landing: VTOL, Launcher take-off; Traditional Landing, Net, Parachute

*Flight time varies due to payload configurations, flight conditions, temperature and altitude.**Max Altitude is determined by flying conditions, payloads and local flight laws.

Savant sUAS parts location
Savant sUAS parts location-2