Unmanned Security Operations

Your security, enhanced

Case Study: Security

Concerns of security and safety are increasing across the globe. This in turn is creating an exponential demand in companies looking to incorporate unmanned aerial systems (UAS’s) in their security protocols.  These aircraft are typically lower cost and quicker to deploy over the traditional helicopter crews and they can also be quickly modified for different missions.

A variety of configurations, loadouts and unmanned aircraft can be used to achieve long term perimeter flights while using an array of sensors and cameras. For instance, an airframe can be set up for persistent surveillance utilizing thermal cameras, multi-spectral cameras, extreme telephoto daylight cameras, or using motion sensing and tracking technologies.

Different types of UAS airframes can work together in tandem to ensure efficient operations. A large company wishing to add autonomous aircraft to their security protocols will look at both fixed-wing and multi-rotor options to work together. The fixed-wing aircraft can fly the perimeter at higher altitudes over several hours, while the multi-rotor aircraft can be deployed to verify security breaches or to perform short range operations.

Drone America is experienced in both land and maritime applications. We are proud to offer custom solutions that include reliable UAS airframes, proven autopilot systems, and customizable payloads for security related operations. Each of our aircraft have redundancy built into critical flight systems together with a ballistic parachute recovery system for safety, in case of an emergency recovery.

Planning and Implementation Procedures