VTOL Savant

Mission Critical VTOL UAS

First in UAS Cloud-seeding / 2016    –    First in Long Distance BVLOS Package Delivery / 2017

All Electric VTOL Fixed Wing UAS

The Savant sUAS is a medium sized, all electric powered, fixed-wing aircraft. With an optional VTOL kit and an interchangeable payload system, different sensor packages and mission types are quickly accommodated.  The Drone America Savant can fly for more than 2 hours, depending on configuration, allowing long distance flights and large area surveys.

The Savant has a minimal prep to launch time, a large payload bay, can fly farther, stay on station longer and deliver the results your mission requires.  The Savant was designed and manufactured in our facility in Reno, Nevada. Every aspect of the Savant was created with safety in mind, from its industry leading carbon fiber construction and mission-tested military-grade autopilot to its active safety systems incorporating an on-board ADS-B and ballistic parachute. The Savant is designed to successfully return with your collected data after each mission, every time.



The Savant has a modular payload bay that can carry up to 7 lbs. of sensors and equipment. Wth the Savant you can cover more ground and collect more data on a single flight than most multi-rotor systems.


Utilities and Infrastructure Inspection

Mining Survey

Perimeter Security

Emergency Management

With exceptional endurance time and a wide array of payload and sensor configurations, the Savant is capable of completing long missions, and supporting ground operations in real time.

Wildfire Mapping

Communications Relay

Search and Rescue Overwatch

Remote Highway Patrol


With its lightweight airframe, VTOL take-off and landing, beyond line of sight capability and ability to carry multiple payloads and sensors, the Savant is a valuable asset for many applications in the field and for research facilities.

Aerial Imaging

Geomagnetic Survey




Wing-Span11 ft. 10 in. (3.58 m)
Length5 ft. 6 in. (1.7 m)
Max TOW40 lbs. (18.14 kg)
Payload Capacity7 lbs. (3.1 kg)
Endurance*up to 1.5 hours
Average Flight Distance65 miles
Average Hover Time1.5 minutes
Speed Range42 – 85 mph
Max Altitude MSL**: 12,000 feet (3657m)
Control Method: Laptop/Tablet/GCS
Power System: Electric
Safety Systems:

ADS-B (Mode S optional)
GPS / RF Tracking
VTOL as a Parachute
FAA Collision Avoidance Lighting
Commercial Grade Autopilot

*Flight time varies due to payload configurations, flight conditions, temperature and altitude.**Max Altitude is determined by flying conditions, payloads and local flight laws.