RENO, NEVADA-July 16, 2014: At Drone America, we are proud to announce the DAx8 RC UAV to our Unmanned Autonomous Systems (UAS) family. The DAx8 RC UAV features an unique eight motor design which allows it to carry 4.4 pounds of payload while providing more safety and redundancy to the system.

The Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle (UAV) is controlled by remote control or through a Tablet-PC for precision maneuvers or you can program it follow along a set of predefined multi-way points.

The large Lithium-polymer battery allows the DAx8 RC UAV to run for up to 35 minutes which surpases many of our competitor’s offerings on the market today.

“The DAx8 is our second generation Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) Multicopter, built with an advanced lightweight carbon fiber airframe that advances Drone America into the premium VTOL UAS market,” said Mike Richards, Drone America President and CEO. “Innovation, design, prototyping and production from Drone America directly resulting from a dedicated “Made in America” team of highly talented individuals. We are experiencing significant interest for this product to the extent where we are already taking advanced orders for production systems to be delivered later this year.”

The DAx8 RC UAV is available for pre-order starting today.