Using the sun to power your mission

The Drone America Powercom System provides your field team or facility with an environmentally conscious power, lighting, communications and security solution all in one compact solar powered package.

The all electric Drone America Powercom has four integrated solar panels that are capable of charging its 10Kw battery system in just one day of sunlight exposure.

Just one Powercom unit can provide 20 amps of 110 volts of AC power for your ground control station as well as 28,000 lumens of LED lighting and optional WiFi / 4G Internet connectivity along with wireless PTZ security cameras for up to 30 hours on a single charge.

Harness the renewable energy of the sun to provide you with silent, environmentally friendly power, communications and security. Drone America offers the Powercom for both short term rentals, long term leases and to purchase.

Rugged and Tamper Resistant Modular Design


Compact size

With its modular and compact footprint you can tow and deploy the DA PowerCom almost anywhere.

Easy to Tow

Weather and Tamper Resistant Construction

Easy to Maintain

Low Cost of Operation

Emergency Power

Built for harsh conditions, you can quickly mobilize and deploy multiple DA PowerComs in any weather and with the flip of a switch they will begin providing your operation with power, communications, video security and illumination all in one self contained system.

Disaster Relief

Incident Command Infrastructure

Search and Rescue


Long Term Power

Built to withstand daily exposure to the elements, the DA PowerCom system can be deployed for both short and long term needs.

Site Lighting and Communications

No Infrastructure Required

Self Contained

Timer and Remote Operation


Environmental: Silent, All electric, No Exhaust
Available Power: 10Kw per unit
Run Time: Up to 30 hours
Size: 5′ x 7.5′ closed – 10′ x 10.5′ open
Mast Height : 9.5′  retracted – 25′ extended
Electrical Out: 2 x 110vAC 20amp
Lighting: 28,000 Lumen LED
Recharge: 1300Kw Solar or 110v Power
Physical Security: Steel Reinforced box and frame

Optional Sensors and Communications:

External Sensors: Weather Station

Fixed Cameras

Mast Mounted PTZ Camera

Thermal Imaging

Motion Detection

Long Range WiFi

4g LTE Internet connection

Point to Point


Modular Design: Plug and Play Operation

Media Server Option: NVR up to 20TB storage