Case Study: Oil and Gas

Approaching the variety of obstacles that oil and gas industries face when integrating UAS technologies with a “one size fits all” approach is less than ideal. Location, weather conditions, operational area(s), and mission parameters change constantly. This requires careful planning by all parties to ensure the correct UAS is selected and configured accordingly.

Drone America is proud to offer tailored solutions that include reliable UAS airframes, proven autopilot systems, and customizable payloads. Each of our aircraft have a parachute recovery system for safety, in case of an emergency recovery. We believe all of these items are necessities in order to conduct safe and reliable operations.

Once your system is delivered, Drone America also offers flight crew training. Integrating flight operations into a daily workload is no small feat. Pilots will acquire academic and hands-on training for both the aircraft and software in order to jumpstart day to day operations.

Planning and Implementation Procedures