New sUAS to be revealed at NAAA

Drone America and Flying Tiger Aviation will be participating at the 49th Annual National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) Convention & Exposition in Savannah, Ga. on Dec. 7-10.  Drone America will be displaying professional UAVs and other technologies that will help support and grow the agriculture industry at booth # 244. Several members of the Drone America team will be at the booth explaining our various systems and their capabilities. Additionally to demonstrate how UAVs can improve production and efficiency for a company or a private landowner.

“There is untold potential and efficiency waiting to be unlocked in the agriculture industry,” Said Mike Richards, President and CEO of Drone America. “From precision farming to crop inspection, UAVs manage to consolidate numerous services and daily tasks into one very capable tool. “

On display will be Drone America’s new Savant™ sUAS, manufactured in Reno, Nevada USA. This electric powered aircraft is a combination of advanced carbon fiber manufacturing, battery technology, avionics, interchangeable sensors and mission specific payloads. The collected data is now ready for post processing, enabling the Savant to provide a turnkey solution and significant value proposition for our prospective clients.

Flying Tiger Aviation will also be at the event in tandem with Drone America explaining upcoming UAV courses and aerial applications. In the near future, FTA will be offering public and private training courses on the use of UASs for commercial and private use. The public classes will focus on workforce training in which people will be able to take the two-week course and get a certificate of completion.

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