Media Usage Guideline

Images, Videos, Graphics, Computer Renders and Computer Data Files

Drone America images, videos, graphics, computer renders and computer data files are copyrighted materials and are subject to copyright laws. All copyrighted content materials that is to be used in commercial purposes, advertisements, publications, news, media, social media and event promotions need to be obtained through the Drone America marketing department. Drone America material cannot be redistributed to a third party. Furthermore, ALL content needs to be credited to the person (if applicable) and to Drone America.


Photography/Video Credit Example: Photo by John Doe/Drone America

Render Example: DAx8 product render courtesy of Drone America

Graphic Example: Graphic courtesy of Drone America

Data File Example: Data courtesy of Drone America

To obtain media files or with any questions about media usage, please contact:
Marketing Department
Drone America
Tel: 775-473-9998 EXTx3