Following a very active fire season, drones are one of the new forms of technology the Reno Fire Department will be using on the fire lines. The drones can deliver medical supplies, AD kits and life-saving medications to firefighters and paramedics. Plus, they have thermo-imaging capabilities and can fly at night.

“You have drones that can continually fly over a fire situation and give real-time reports on the conditions,” Chief Dennis Nolan says.

The drones can reduce response times by up to 40 percent.

“I’ve seen people bleed out because we’ve had significant transport times,” Nolan says.

President and CEO of Drone America Mike Richards says they can make all the difference.

“The true heroes are the guys that do this every day so our job is to just get them good tools and effective machines that will help them speed up the time to find someone or helping to save somebody’s life,” Richards says.

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