Drone America Collaborates with Sheriff’s Office

DroneAmerica_Sheriffs OfficeThe Washoe County Sheriff’s Department and Drone America are collaborating on ‘several projects that will benefit the local community and to help set a national standard for using UAS’s with emergency services. As one of the only national test sites in the United States, the State of Nevada is tasked with being a research and testing ground to integrate UAS technologies into the nation’s airspace. The WCSO and Drone America collaboration will be focusing on how local emergency services, such as Search and Rescue, can safety integrate autonomous systems.

One such application that is being explored is using a UAS to help locate lost people using infrared cameras together with other sensors and to deploy medical supplies including an AED, life vest to help save or to an injured person if needed. Deploying a UAS is quicker than an emergency helicopter and could be launched from any location, which could save lives when seconds matter. Drone America continues to research full autonomous rescue systems that could be activated by a passerby, initiating a rescue or providing critical supplies prior to the arrival of emergency services.

“We place great emphasis on listening to first responders, which influences our designs and gives us the ability to manufacture mission specific unmanned systems,” said Mike Richards, President and CEO of Drone America. “Our systems will be a tool that could make a difference in their everyday lives, including increasing safety, reducing response times and providing support during emergency situations and disasters.”

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