Aerospace Day at the Musuem

Drone America participated in this year’s Aerospace Day at the Discovery Museum. The company had three unmanned systems on display-the DAx8, Phoebus Mk.III and the Ariel Scooper Drone. All three showed patrons how UAS’s are different and how each one can be used for specialized applications and situations.

“It’s always great having our UASs on display at events like this one,” said Drone America’s President and CEO Mike Richards. “It’s great to see how people react positively to our systems. It’s also fascinating to see numerous people have their perception about drones get changed just by meeting us and seeing what professional drones can do to improve communities and individual lives.”

The Aerospace Day event featured multiple areas for parents and children to interact with several aerospace technologies, including drones flying, robot driving, and constructing homemade planes.

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