Drone America

Industrial Grade Performance

The Drone America NavX and NavX Tactical are based off of our rugged, mid-sized, modular eight rotor platform. Capable of carrying modular payloads up to 10 pounds while operating at high altitudes and in 25 mph winds, the NavX system has proven it can deliver during the most critical missions.

The NavX has a compact but powerful eight rotor design that gives its operator flexibility in choosing a range of mission-specific payloads. Its adaptable payload system allows for multiple sensors to be flown at the same time. Combinations can include HD and 4K Video, Lidar,  Thermal, Multispectral, UV and still cameras up to 100 megapixels.  If your mission requires a custom payload, Drone America routinely works with its clients to develop tailored systems for agriculture, law enforcement, security and infrastructure inspections.



With over 6 lbs. of payloads and sensors, the NavX allows for near endless commercial applications.






The NavX’s unique design allows it to be configured to meet the tough demands for emergency personnel and to be rapidly deployed during emergency situations and operations.

Disaster Relief

First Responders

Search and Rescue



By utilizing a lightweight airframe, VTOL take-off and landing and way-point controls, the NavX is able to used quickly; be it in a confined remote location or at a research facility.

Aerial Imaging

Geomagnetic Survey




Diameter : 31.5 in.  (800mm)
Minimum Weight: 15 lbs. (6.8 kg)
Max Weight with Payload: 25 lbs (11.3kg)
Endurance*: up to 25 minutes
Speed Range: Hover – 15m/s
Max Altitude MSL**: 12,000 feet (3657m)
Control Method: Laptop/Tablet/GCS
Power System: Electric

*Flight time varies due to payload configurations, size of batteries, flight conditions, temperature and altitude.**Max Altitude is measured in Distance above Mean Sea Level and is determined by flying conditions, payloads and local flight laws.