Mining Operations

Surveys, Volumetrics, 3D models and more

Case Study: Mining

With the global mining industry grossing over $4 Billion worldwide in 2015, the market is looking to add more automation, efficiencies and safety protocols to further increase production and profits. Many companies are looking into unmanned aerial systems to achieve these goals.

For automation, UAS’s are being developed and used for repetitive tasks such as volumetrics updates, thermal inspection, hydrology management and stockpile management. Using unmanned aircraft for these tasks reduce tedious work by staff, allowing them to be more effective and to focus on the data collected.

Safety protocols are also being improved by allowing UAS’s to perform more harmful jobs. For example, misfires from blasting have the potential to be surveyed for poor fragmentation and unused blast chemicals. The UAS are also helpful to establish an exclusion zone and perform security surveillance until the misfire(s) are dealt with.

Drone America is proud to offer tailored solutions that include reliable UAS airframes, proven autopilot systems, and customizable payloads for mining related operations. Each of our aircraft have a parachute recovery system for safety, in case of an emergency recovery. We believe all of these items are necessities in order to conduct safe and reliable operations.


Planning and Implementation Procedures