Flight Operations Commencing Q2 2018

If you need to stay in the air longer, fly higher, have greater range, carry larger payloads and be runway and launcher independent, the Drone America HuginnAir™ is the right UAS for your most critical missions.

The HuginnAir™ has been designed to smoothly integrate into the National Airspace. With its complete integration of ADS-B, long range command and control, sense and avoid options and a dedicated Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) system the HuginnAir™ is able to effortlessly operate within high traffic airspace as well as confined or remote locations.  Designed with safety and reliability at its core, the HuginnAir™ has multiple redundant safety features ensuring continued power and a controlled descent in the event of an emergency.

The HuginnAir™ airframe, like all of our UAS, was designed and manufactured entirely in our facility in the USA. With its reinforced carbon fiber airframe not only do you get exceptional strength and performance but when you add a HuginnAir™ to your fleet you will receive a UAS that is built to last.



With its low cost of operations, dedicated VTOL integration and available configurations of 55 to 85 pounds, the HuginnAir™ gives your company the edge in multi-sensor data acquisition.






The HuginnAir’s™ modular design allows it to be configured to meet the tough demands of First Responders and to be rapidly deployed during emergency situations.

Disaster Relief

First Responder

Search and Rescue


Resource Management

The HuginnAir™ is easily controlled through a tablet or laptop using way-point navigation. With the Drone America HuginnAir™ you have the real time ability to respond to changing conditions by altering its flightpath, altitudes, orbit points and payload triggers, all from an easy-to-read flight map.

Aerial Imaging

Geomagnetic Survey




Wing Span15 ft. 6 in. (4.72 m)
Empty Weight55 lbs. (24.9 kg)
Max Weight with Payload85 lbs. (38.5 kg)
Endurance*8.5 hours +
Speed Range45 – 120 mph
Max Altitude MSL**: 18,000 ft. (5,486 m)
Control Method: Laptop/Tablet/GCS
Power System: Gas Electric Hybrid
Safety Systems: GPS / RF Tracking
Active Deployment Parachute
FAA Collision Avoidance Lighting
Military Grade Autopilot

*Flight time varies due to payload configurations, flight conditions, temperature and altitude. **Max Altitude is determined by flying conditions, engine selection, payloads and local flight laws.