Solving your line of sight radio connection issues

Drone America has partnered with NLOS Wireless to develop an airborne system that can link different radio networks together via an airborne repeater system that will keep your field teams in contact with each other in the most demanding terrain. For the first time you now have the ability to connect different radio systems, VHF/UHF/800 Mhz /AM/FM – (local, SAR, Sheriff, Highway Patrol, Forestry and AirBand) together through a central Ground Control Station while providing a high altitude repeater to ensure continuous line of sight coverage and connectivity.

Simultaneous connection of your ground teams with the FOB, each other and to any phone number is now within reach – the Drone America Connect XTR.

Airborne Radio Repeater


Search and Rescue

Quickly deploy a fleet of persistent repeaters to cover large areas without the need for a ground based system.

Flexible Range coverage

Quick and easy to deploy

Overwatch camera package with live video is available

Low Cost of Operation

WildFire Operations

Instant communications are critical to keep your teams safe and effective. Having a reliable radio network can make all the difference. When you deploy the DA Connect XTR radio repeater system you are establishing a reliable network that connects all of your air and ground teams within your area of operation.

Critical Communications

Incident Command Infrastructure

DTMF and GPS Compatible

24 Hour Coverage

Disaster Response

With the DA Connect XTR you have the ability to deploy a radio network even when all other land based networks are down. Keep your teams in communications even in the hardest of conditions.

Radio Communications Network

No Infrastructure Required

Self Contained

Quick and Flexible Deployment


Multipoint Network 
Up to 150 Mile Radius
Inter Agency Radio Links
Emergency Alert System
Connect Cell and landline call to the radio network
24/7  coverage is available 
Multi frequency Capable 
VHF / UHF / 800Mhz / 900Mhz / AirBand 
Autonomous Airborne Operation