Command your Airspace

Drone America and its technology partners have teamed together to provide your flight teams with a comprehensive Airspace Awareness System. The Drone America Airspace and Sensor Awareness System (DAAWS) combines real time position telemetry from our unmanned systems and surrounding manned aircraft. DAAWS gives the Pilot in Charge wide area situational awareness in one easy to use touch screen interface that can see the air traffic in the area of operation and simultaneously monitor the live video feeds from the payload systems.

Drone America specializes in designing and building autonomous aircraft for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flight operations and now DAAWS gives your flight team the ability to safely manage your flight operations safely and effectively.

Drone America is a proud UTM partner with NASA and the State of Nevada and we use our experience in traditional flight operations to bring our client technology that will help our aircraft stay operational and on mission every time you fly, especially when it matters the most.

Real Time Airspace and Sensor Monitoring

Beyond Visual Line of Sight Applications

PIC Terminal

DAAWS is a dedicated system that gives your Pilot in Charge critical, real time, information that makes BVLOS flights safer and more effective.

Touch Screen Friendly

3D Terrain Maps

ATC Style Airspace Maps

Real Time Updates

Sensor Fusion

With the ability to pull together multiple sensor feeds into one touch friendly interface, DAAWS helps your team verify live sensor data during the flight helping you get better results with less flight time.

View any IP based Camera

Drag and Drop Between Screens

Map Projection of Sensor Footprint

Realtime Feedback

Collision Avoidance

The most critical part of any UAS flight operation is being able to see flight conflicts before they happen. DAAWS lets you see the traffic in your surrounding airspace giving you a safety window to provide deconfliction instructions to your remote aircraft.


Custom Airspace Conflict Alerts

Projected Heading of Aircraft

Multiple Tracking System Capable