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Personalize your professional-class UAS to fit your mission and budget.

Personalize your professional-class
UAS to fit your mission and budget.

Pioneering UAS Technologies

Drone America strives to be one of the World’s Top Providers of Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles, high-tech equipment and services. Our mission is to utilize UAS technologies as a means to survey, protect, and preserve human life and strategic resources around the Globe.  Drone America has extensive experience harnessing the latest technologies and manufacturing techniques to create high-performance UAS solutions.

Pushing the limits of UAS technology to create positive results for our clients and the Global Community

A few of our active projects include:

Drought Relief

In a research collaboration with the State of Nevada, DRI and Avisight we designed custom delivery systems for our Savant UAS to deliver both burn-in-place and ejectable cloud-seeding flares.

Search and Rescue

We partnered with Washoe County Search and Rescue Team & other First Responder N. NV agencies to solve the issues of effectively integrating UAS technologies in SAR missions and for disaster response.

Wildlife Management

Drone America works with The Last Wild Place Mustang Preserve to monitor the local wild mustang population as well as herd movement patterns and conduct security operations using our fleet of UAS.

Industry Partnerships

We are continually seeking to develop partnerships and collaborations with like-minded companies and organizations to further the usefulness of UAS technology in the global community.

Unlock the Potential of Unmanned Systems

We believe that the most successful missions are those that reliably deliver data after a day of seamless flight operations.


Our professional grade autonomous aircraft feature modular payload systems that are designed to carry multiple sensors in an array of mission configurations. Our aircraft are adaptable – We offer “off the shelf” payload options from our verified technology partners as well as specially designed solutions for your application.


Let’s explore how Drone America’s unmanned aircraft systems can be put to work for you.
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